Take The Family To Mount Tabor Park In Portland OR And Enjoy These Points Of Interest

Have you ever visited a park that sits atop a volcano? That’s what you get when you visit Mount Tabor Park right by Portland OR. Located at SE 69th and Belmont Street, this park features a forested hiking adventure. The volcano that the park sits on is of course extinct. There are a dog park and playground on site, and you can even walk inside a cinder cone. Think about how cool that would be. It’s not like you get to walk inside a cinder cone all the time.

Depending on when you visit the park, you might catch a special event, too. For example, a Moon Festival is held there during the fall season. The big reason the festival is held there is that you are so high up in the air. You can see the moon much better. In fact, the view there is the highest of any in the southeastern region of Portland OR.

There are multiple trails located in the park, and Wednesday is said to be a great day to visit. Why is Wednesday so special? It is a day when the vehicles aren’t allowed in the park, which means you can hike or bike among nature without having to worry about the traffic. You can get information about the park from the visitors center, too, while you are there.

This park is a total of 190 acres. That is quite a large park, and there is more than one cinder cone by the way. You will also appreciate knowing that the summit is 600 feet in the air. When you go to Mount Tabor Park, you can play tennis, volleyball and even enjoy a picnic. If you wanted to bring the picnic basket and the blanket, that would be nice, yet there are also covered picnic areas that you can use.

You are also going to find a bronze statue, which you might as well stop by because it has to do with the history of the park. The bronze statue is of Harvey W Scott, and Gutzon Borglum sculpted the statue of him. You might also be familiar with the sculptor’s name about Mt Rushmore.

You can visit this park as early as 5 am, so imagine catching the sunrise there. Of you could opt to check out the sunset instead. Both would make for a great view from up on the peak of Mount Tabor. Closing time for the park is 10 pm, which is pretty late if you think about public access to a park.

While the trails are nice, they are also said to be a little challenging. You can walk around as much or as little as you like, checking out nature and enjoying different activities at Mount Tabor Park. As for the views, you are going to be able to see downtown Portland, and that’s pretty cool, too. You will get enough of the actual city making your way around, but Mount Tabor Park is about being out in nature and having a blast.

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