3 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

by | Mar 11, 2018

Are you planning a trip to Portland Oregon soon, and want to know if Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge is worth visiting? Many people like to visit Portland Oregon because it is known as a great place to hike or visit in general. Often people have trouble planning a trip to parks because they do not know the general information or the amenities that the park includes. Luckily, you’ll learn some information about Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refugee in this article. Let’s go over some information that you will need to know before you plan your trip to the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refugee.

General Information about Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refugee

To get a better understanding of Oaks bottom wildlife refugee, you may need to know some general information. Two things that may be very important to you are: knowing when the park was acquired and how big the park is. This is a very large part, and it is 141 acres. If you want to visit all of the locations in the park, you better bring some water along because you will have a long day ahead of you. The park was acquired in 1959. The park also features some amenities that you may find helpful.

Some of the birds that you might encounter in Oaks bottom are woodpeckers, coots, hawks, kestrels, and hawks. There are many other birds that you will spot as well. Be sure to bring your binoculars because birdwatching is a very popular hobby to do at the Oaks bottom wildlife refugee. It is also a great way to relax if you have had a stressful week.

The Amenities at Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refugee

You also want to know the amenities that the park includes before you plan the trip for yourself or your family. The amenities the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refugee includes are trials, hiking, visitor attractions, riverfront views, nature areas, biking, and paths. This park has a fair amount of amenities, especially if you’re going there to view the nature scene. This park is good for a family event because there is a good amount of space to host it.

History of Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

The best way to enjoy your stay at any a new location is learning about the history. This park is a wetland that is located near the east side of the Willamette River. Some of the park’s lands are located in a sedentary landfill that has 400,000 cubic feet of waste material within the soil. In 1969, the city of Portland was able to buy the property for the landfill from Donald M Drake company.

These are just a few things that you should know before you visit Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refugee in Portland Oregon. Now you have some general information about Oaks bottom Wildlife Refugee, you also have information about the amenities that are included, and you know a little history. Hopefully, with that information that he learned, you can enjoy your stay.

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