Macleay Park – What Should You Know Before You Visit?

Have you been to the Tualatin Mountains? They are where Forest Park is located, and Forest Park is where Macleay Park is located. Forest Park is close to downtown Portland OR, and you might be interested in knowing that it is one of the biggest urban forests in the US. As you explore all of Forest Park, you are certainly going to want to make it Macleay Park, too. You can see it all, and here are some things you might want to know before you visit both of them.

To see Macleay Park, make your way to NW 29 and Upshur. At the park, you can go hiking and end up finding what’s called the Witches House, which is now more of stone ruins. People mention that you have to hike about a mile to get to that point. As you make your way to the Witches House, you are going to be walking by the creek. You can imagine that the scenery is quite beautiful.

You will see wooden bridges by the creek as well. Reviewers talk about the trail being quite easy to walk. If you look at the history of the stone house, it was built in the 1950’s. Now as you make your way back, the hike is said to be a little more difficult, but you’re of course going to want to venture further and see more than just the Witches House.

You can also see what’s called Pittock Mansion, and as you make your way around, you are going to see the most beautiful lush green forests. All you do to get to the Pittock Mansion is to make your way past the stone house to Wildwood Trail and then follow the trail all the way to the mansion. It is said to be about five miles total round trip, so by those estimates, Pittock Mansion is about a mile and a half past the stone house.

Not only will you like seeing the mansion, but you are going to like the gardens and the views. The trails can be a little busy on certain days depending on when you go. You don’t have to worry about getting lost because the trails are marked. They are quite easy to follow, and you are going to have a great time being out in nature. See all the cedar trees and the fir trees, and how many acres do you think make up the park?

There are 130 acres, and so that’s quite a lot of land to explore. You don’t have to cover it all of course, but that 5 miles round trip trail sure does sound like fun. Macleay in Portland is a park right near the heart of the city remember, so that makes it a unique place indeed. If you are ready to enjoy a wonderful hiking experience in Portland, this park, and the greater Forest Park would be a nice place to visit while you’re in the area.

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