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Even for DIYers that are experienced, working with drywall is not an easy DIY project. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you seek the assistance of a Portland drywall contractor. If you are currently seeking one, your search ends here, because our team at Indigo Construction has every single thing that is necessary for your project. We do everything from repairing a wall with a hole in it to completely restoring a big commercial property.

Some drywall contractors have a specialty in smaller projects. Typically, these types of contractors have just recently started out in the business. Alternatively, some contractors specialize in larger projects. You do not have anything to worry about, even if the task at hand is small or large. Our trained employees can complete a project of any size.

Drywall PortlandThere is no such thing as a project that is too small. We have an understanding that someone has to handle minor repairs and make sure that they are fixed effectively and safely. There is no such thing as a project that is too large. We have the employees, experience, and skill to handle the challenges of big projects.

Simply, we can assist you with a sheetrock project that you have, no matter how large or small it is. Just contact us.

What Can The Top Portland Drywall Contractor Do For You?

We can do anything concerning gypsum wall board. If your sheetrock needs repair, Indigo Construction is the proper company for you. Just for your information, here are our services that are most popular.

Expert Drywall Patch and Repair

Do you have a hole in the wall or ceiling that needs to be patched? Do you want it to look brand new? Like it never happened? We have trained drywall repair experts that specialize in all types of sheetrock repair. Our skill-set does not stop at drywall, if your home is lath and plaster, we can repair it as well. Our crews are trained to match popcorn, machine brocade, hand brocade, orange peel, splatter, sand texture, smooth finish, skip trawl, and roller textures.

Types Of Drywall Texture

Do you have a special texture for your project? Do you want a finish that you saw in a home improvement magazine? We offer standard finishes (machine brocade, orange peel texture, smooth finish, and hand texture), as well as “not so standard” textures. If you have something specific in mind, ask us about it.

Water And Fire Damage Restoration

We work with all of the major fire and water damage restoration companies in Portland. Our crews are trained to repair homes that have suffered fire or smoke damage. We are familiar with the processes needed to restore a home to its pre-loss condition.

Residential Remodeling And Commercial Remodeling

Many of our clients are Portland remodel contractors, or DIY homeowners. Many of our projects consist of kitchen remodels, ADU’s, additions, full guts, home improvements, and bathroom renovations. If you are remodeling, a contractor needs to ensure your walls look flawless, and we are the correct company for it.

Level 5 Smooth Finish

Smooth finish is extremely popular in Portland. Many homeowners want a high end smooth finish, and our crews can accomplish this without breaking the bank. We have the best smooth finishers in the industry. Our crews have successfully completed many smooth finish projects in Portland.

Popcorn Texture – Acoustic Ceiling Removal

Do you have popcorn texture that you want to get rid of? We have successfully removed acoustic ceilings (popcorn) on many projects. After removal, we can apply any type of drywall texture that you desire.

Insulation Contractor – New, Retro, and Remodel Installation

Do you need blow-in fiberglass, batts, or cellulose? Our trained insulation installers can assist you with your project. Many contractors and homeowners choose us for their “one stop shopping” when it comes to drywall and insulation needs.

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