What You Should Know Before You Visit Council Crest Park

Do you plan on visiting Portland Oregon and want to go to Council Crest Park? A lot of tourists visit Portland Oregon because it is known as one of the most beautiful cities. It can be challenging and difficult to know what to bring to Council Crest Park if you have never been there before, which is one of the struggles that many tourists have before they visit the park. Fortunately, you can quickly learn what to bring to this park by reading this article. Let’s go over a few things that he may want to know before you visit Council Crest Park in Portland Oregon.

General Information about Council Crest Park

The first thing that you may want to learn about Council Crest Park is some general information. Some basic information that you may want to know is the acreage and when the park was acquired. You will be able to spread your legs at this park because it is 43.51 acres. This will give you plenty of space for you and your family if you want to have a large cookout or family reunion. This park was established in 1937. The Council Crest Park also has a lot of amenities that you can take part of.

The park hours are 5 AM to midnight. If you have a motor vehicle you will not be able to enter the park until 8 AM. You also have to leave the park at 9 PM if you have a motor vehicle. The park is closed to motor vehicles at 7 PM from November 1 to March 31.

The Amenities Council Crest Park Offers

Before you visit any park, you’ll want to know the amenities that are included so you can better prepare you and your family for the trip. Some of the amenities that Council Crest Park includes is a wedding site, public art, statue art, a vista point, picnic tables, an off the leash dog area, and paved and unpaved paths. They offer plenty of amenities for you and your family. You should not be bored if you are to visit this park.

Council Crest Park Historical Information

To better enjoy your stay, you should learn about some of the park’s history. Council Crest is the highest point in the city of Portland, and it is 1,073 feet above sea level. There used to be a 77-foot tall wooden observatory that took the place of the water tower. The statue of a mother and child, within the park, was placed in the park and July 1956. The statue was also stolen in the 1980s, by people he used a hacksaw.

These are just a few tidbits that you should learn before you visit Council Crest Park in Portland Oregon. Now that you know some general information about the park, the amenities the park includes, and some historical information, you should enjoy your visit to the Council Crest Park.

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