Kelley Point Park In North Portland, Great For Fishing, Swimming, Hiking And More

Portland, Oregon is a city with hundreds of parks scattered throughout every neighborhood and surrounding the city as well. There are baseball parks, kiddy parks, waterfront parks, doggy parks, soccer fields, archery parks, biking parks, nature walks, and jogging parks, everywhere. One of the great weekend parks that attract a huge crowd year round is Kelly Point Park in the North Portland section of town. Here are just some of the activities that are popular there, where it is, and what services are available.

Getting There Is Easy

The park is located at the very end of Marine Drive where it curves and turns into North Lombard St. These are major roads in the area, just look for the signs to Kelley Point Park, they’re huge green signs that can’t be missed. You can usually get a park map at the entrance since it’s a huge park, you’ll want to park your car nearest the activity that you’re interested in.

Some Of The Best Fishing For Sturgeon

The great thing about Kelley Point Park is that it sits right where the Columbia River and the Willamette river come together. These are two large rivers that are about 100 feet deep and at least a half mile to a mile across. There is plenty of sandy, brushy, bank areas where fish like bass, sturgeon, panfish, carp, catfish, and walleye hang out all day long and feed. You can also catch trout, steelhead, salmon and other types of fish, but you’ll need to have tags for some of them, and they’re harder to catch. Sturgeon can only be kept if they’re over 42 inches, but reeling one in will be at least a half hour of fun no matter what size it is.

If you have a young kid and you’re aching to get him or her addicted to fishing, then bullhead catfish are the perfect catch. There are millions of them, some only 6” to 8” long, but they bite eagerly, fight like a monster, and you can catch one about every 10 minutes or so. Otherwise, they’ll also catch a few basses and other warm water fish just right near the shore, no long casting, and everything eats night crawlers for bait. All of the local minute mart stores along the roads there sell night crawlers by the dozen for cheap.

There Are Long Sandy Beaches Along Both Rivers

The rivers that run on each side of the point are the Columbia and Willamette rivers. They are typically fairly muddy but not dirty with pollutants on a normal basis. If you have doubts, you can rest assured that the water is tested at the park several times per month for various bacteria and pollutants and if anything is found the park swimming areas are closed.

On the weekends, sometimes there will be crowds of several hundred people at the park. There are hundreds of picnic tables and cooking areas where you can roast hotdogs or cook hamburgers and then relax and eat.

There are hundreds of other activities that can be done at the park, and certain areas designated for some as well. At the entrance there are usually maps of the entire park, all of its various trails, and special areas are easy to find with the map.

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