Jamison Square In Portland – Fun For Young And Old

It is a little-known fact that Portland has more parks than any other city in the United States – and residents are justifiably proud of this. It also means that families are offered the ideal opportunity to spend quality time together in some of the most scenic city parks in a city that is renowned for having one of the best quality of life scores in the nation.

One of the most popular of these parks is Jamison Square in Portland.

The beauty of this square is that it offers an interactive water based experience that has something to offer young and old – but it must be said that the younger members of the family are the ones who will revel in the fountains and features that make it the ideal spot for some warm weather fun.

Jamison Square is simply the best fun in the sun that kids can have in Portland. In fact this a whole city square of water-based entertainment. All that is required is a bathing suit and a towel, and the scene is set for some good clean laughs and giggles.

Ever since 2002 when the park opened families have flocked to it on warm days. On the weekends it plays host to hordes of families who have gathered to enjoy great times. The main feature of the park is a series of water cascades which follow a path of descending steps toward a pool which then drains and starts the entire process all over again.

And for those caregivers who worry about safety and hygiene, there is no reason to be concerned. The recirculating water is continuously treated to ensure that it is fresh and healthy. Kids can play to their heart’s content while adults can relax and watch on the steps that surround the water-based attractions.

Making the park even more attractive is the spacious lawn which is ideal for recharging those young batteries with a great picnic in the sun. Haul out a blanket and those favorite snacks and sit back and relax. The city even makes folding chairs available for those who want to enjoy a day at Jamison Square.

For those who want to simply relax without that picnic blanket, there is also an extremely kid-centric coffee shop at the park – and a hot dog stand where young and old can enjoy a wide assortment of one of America’s favorite fast food treats.

This water-filled Portland wonderland is a safe and fun-filled experience for kids of all ages. Even the youngest toddlers can enjoy themselves under the watchful eye of their caregivers and families. Bath toys and inflatables are welcome to be used, bringing an extra element of fun to any day spent at Jamison Square.

This park is one of Portland’s most popular and a simple day spent at the cascading waterfalls hearing the laughter of children makes it clear why it has remained a family favorite.

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