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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The simplest and fastest way to transform your home is to hire a professional painting contractor to apply a new coat of paint. Indigo Construction employs a team of experienced painters dedicated to providing the highest quality painting service to ensure that you are happy with the result.

How To Choose Your Painting Contractor

Lake Oswego PainterWhile anyone can pick up a paint brush and begin the process of giving their home a new look, the do-it-yourself painting comes with some pitfalls. Most people who choose to take on the task themselves are surprised at the amount of time they need to invest and are often unhappy with the result.

Hiring a painting contractor will not only save you time but will also prevent the need for the job to be redone when you are not completely satisfied. But not just any painting contractor will do. It is essential to choose a contractor who is skilled and experienced to ensure that you get the quality you deserve.

Or work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. This means that we will take care of all your painting requirements, within your expected time frame, with the assurance that you will be happy at the end of the project. In the unlikely event that you aren’t entirely satisfied, we will send our team of painters to resolve any issues that you may have as soon as possible.

What To Expect From Your Painting Contractor

The first step to any painting job is to choose a type of paint and color that will suit your needs. Our team will assist you in making these selections while ensuring that the paint is suited to your specific requirements.

No mess, no fuss! Our painting team will take measures to ensure that your floors, furniture, and other belongings are protected while they perform their task. The project is not considered to be completed until all your furniture is returned to their original locations, and the painters have cleaned up. Apart from the change in color on your walls and the smell of new paint, you should never know that we were there.

Over and above a professional painting job, you can expect us to take care of any building requirements that you may need to remodel your home. We offer expert drywall installation and insulation and can take care of entire home renovation project without the need for hiring additional contractors.

The Cost

We understand that home renovations can be a costly affair and tailor our services to make them as affordable as possible. You can simply contact us for a free quotation today that is designed to meet your specific needs, whether you just require a quick paint job or extensive remodeling.

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