[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Looking to redo the paint job in your home? Looking for the right contractor for the job? You have certainly come to the right place. Indigo construction is the right partner for any construction jobs you’re planning to do. With a team of experienced and qualified painters, you should rest assured that you’re working with the best of the best.


Gresham PainterAre you feeling a little drab because the paint in your house is worn out? Are you thinking about remodeling the whole kitchen? Before you take such a drastic action, you should first think about repainting the house. Nothing looks better on a house (whether old or new) than a good paint job. Even better, working with the best contractor, you can rest assured that your home will look refreshing.

Why Should You Hire Us?

No matter how much you can convince yourself that you’re a good painter, your experience can’t surpass that of our contractors. Therefore, rather than wasting time doing a terrible job that needs repetition, why don’t you hire the best painters in the first place? If you want nothing but the best, hire the best contractors and expect nothing less.

Of course, don’t rush yourself into the decision. Make sure you’re hiring the right painter for the job. Well, at Indigo construction, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best painting services for the most reasonable prices. There are lots of benefits of working with our company on any painting project.

For instance, once we start working on a particular project, you can rest assured that we will complete it without any issues. Of course, the decision on what color to paint lies on you. However, we will guide you through the decision to make sure you’re choosing the right color. Once the painting is done, our contractors always clean up after themselves leaving your home looking fresh and brand new.

Even better, we can provide extra services besides painting. We are experts at drywalls and insulation projects. Therefore, if you need anything fixed before the painting starts, you can rest assured that our contractors will do everything.

Unrivaled Satisfaction

We always work to keep our customers 100% satisfied. We are the best, and we’re not afraid of telling our customers so! Enjoy the best painting jobs from Indigo Construction, better than anything else you have ever had! Therefore, if you want to work with nothing but the best, give us a call today and get a free estimate for all your painting requirements!

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