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An insulation company, like Indigo Construction, can assist you in numerous ways. It does not matter if you are seeking to have new insulation put in. We can assist you since we do new construction insulation, commercial, and remodeling. You may already know that installing insulation is beneficial for saving on your home energy bills. As a matter of fact, the benefits make it necessary in most if not all situations. Call us before you start your project, so we can map out an insulation system for your project.

Insulation PortlandRemodeling and Removal

What if an insulation system is in place that needs to be removed? If there is some fire damage, this may be necessary. Do not make the error of attempting to remove it yourself. That is dangerous, and may lead to additional damages to your property. If you hire Indigo Construction, we can remove the insulation effectively and safely.

What if you would like to remove your existing insulation because you would like to switch it with fiberglass or cellulose? That is a common request that we have received numerous times, and we have helped many homeowners with this issue.

Commercial or Residential

We know that different customers have different requirements and needs. Homeowners typically have jobs that are small. Meanwhile, commercial property owners have jobs that are bigger. We do not discriminate. Our goal’s to ensure our covered areas enjoy insulation that is top notch. It does not matter if you have a commercial or residential property. It also does not matter if the job is small or large. We can handle it.

Upgrading Insulation Systems

Many homeowners do not realize their insulation system is in need of an upgrade. This is especially the case for houses that were built over a decade ago. Most of these homes were under-insulated.

We can assist you in ensuring your home is insulated enough. If it isn’t, we can install more. It is not just in your attic. We are also able to install it in the walls and underfloor.

It is time for an upgrade to your insulation system. At a minimum, we can look to ensure you have a good amount of insulation.

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It does not matter if you are in need of upgrading services, installation services, or removal services. We can help!