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What Can The Top Troutdale Drywall Contractor Do For You?

Drywall TroutdaleDo you need a drywall contractor in Troutdale? Our trained staff can help you with any type of project. Our crews can handle small repairs, like a hole in the wall, all the way up to a large commercial project. We have successfully completed large apartment complexes and housing subdivisions. No project is too large or too small.

Sheetrock Patch And Repair

Do you need drywall repair work? Our repairmen are all trained by our staff who are experts in patch and repair. They can handle any type of project with any type of texture.

Remodel and Restoration

Do you have a remodeling project? Or a home with fire or water damage? We work with the best remodel and restoration companies in Troutdale. They trust us to repair the drywall in their projects.

Level 4 and Level 5 Smooth Finish

Are you interested in smooth finish? Our highly skilled tapers have completed many level 4 and level 5 smooth projects. Smooth finish is becoming more popular in Troutdale, and if you need the best finishers, please call us today for an estimate.

Hand Texture, Machine Brocade, and Orange Peel Texture

Our highly trained texture staff can give you the texture you desire on your project. After completing thousands of successful restoration projects, our texture crews have seen it all.

Commercial and Residential

Most commercial and residential projects require large crews that can maintain a high level of quality. Our hangers and tapers are trained to meet or exceed our high standards. By doing so, our clients end up with a high quality product that is on-time.

Popcorn Texture – Acoustic Ceiling Removal

We can remove or overlay popcorn ceilings. Many Troutdale residences have popcorn texture. Homeowners often want to upgrade their texture, and go with a modern look.

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Questions On Drywall Repair Answered By A Professional

Before you choose your preferred drywall contractor, below are some of the more common questions I am asked about the industry involving drywall.

I Have Water Damage To My Drywall, Does It Need To Be Replaced?

Water comes from a variety of sources around the home. Air handlers, dishwashers, roof leaks and more. However, drywall is one of those resilient products in association with water and is able to withstand a lot of moisture and water before it fails completely. Once the wall dries, the damages are typically cosmetic. In most cases, hairline cracks or dark stains will appear next to the joint-line where the compound in the drywall has dissolved due to the water, along with the tape that has come loose.

A drywall contractor can easily repair this type of damage within a couple of hours with no or minimal mess. Even in an area that has been exposed to water over a long period of time, water always flows to a path that offers the least resistance and will collect in one location. In these cases, cutting the affected area out is the best solution followed by patching this area in. Both these repair jobs will usually cost you less than $300.

Should I Be Concerned About Mold On My Drywall?

One of the most important considerations to keep in mind is that mold needs moisture in order to survive. So, to begin with, removing the source of moisture or water means that the mold will disappear. Even though the so-called mold-removal experts and lawyers will try to make you think otherwise to make money out of you, most types of mold are not harmful to human health, and it is easy to eradicate. Spraying a solution of bleach on the affected areas is usually enough. However, if there are areas that have become so bad that the mold has started to eat away at the wall, a patch job which involves cutting out and removing these areas will be sufficient. This will cost you in the region of $250.

Do I Have A Chinese Drywall In My House?

Even though a lot more serious when compared to mold, and should definitely be removed, my suggestion is not to go overboard if you think you have Chinese drywall in your home. It is totally unnecessary to go and spend a lot of your hard-earned money on specialists that are trying to profit off your misfortune. Believe me, if there is Chinese drywall in your house you will be totally aware of it. The metallic-burning sensation that you feel in your throat and eyes will immediately alert you. This becomes obvious within a month or two from the installation, and it is unmistakable. My advice to you would be to contact a reliable building or drywall contractor who will give you the best advice on what to do. The latest legal rulings surrounding this issue are highly specific on how the product should be removed, and failure to adhere to these rules can result in a resale problem into the future.

What Is Involved In Removing The Popcorn Texture From My Ceilings?

Provided that your ceiling is not painted, a drywall contractor will be able to remove as well as re-texture the average-sized ceiling for around $500 to $600. The one catch involves the condition of your existing ceiling. Popcorn which is an acoustic texture often hides flaws, which is why it was so popular in previous years. Certain ceilings might not be finished to the normal standards, which means it may require a finish coat before the application of lighter textures. Sags, cracks and large dips can be hidden by this texture, which means care has to be undertaken before the removal to gain a full understanding of how the big the project may become.

What Texture Type Should I Choose?

This is an issue many of my clients struggle with. I find that most people rarely take notice of the textures on walls in your home. The single time that texture is noticeable is when they are extremely heavy or bold textures. This type of texture is typically trendy and will often go out of trend within a few years. For this reason, I always suggest sticking to the lighter textures. Be aware of the drywall contractor that tries to convince you to use a heavy texture, which may mean they do not have the experience or skills needed to conduct this type of work quality without using a heavy texture to hide any flaws.

What Type Of Textures Can I Choose From?

The most universal and common texture is the orange peel. This texture is sprayed onto your walls with a specialized machine that offers a patchable, washable and light finish that most people will not notice on your walls. This texture is often used for reducing labor, which means the price for that perfectly smooth-finish becomes quite expensive. This texture resembles the texture of an orange peel that is magnified once painted, which is where the name is derived from.

To dress-up ceilings along with offering additional hide, the knock-down textures are commonly used. This texture is sprayed on with larger dots and in a much thicker layer. It is a cost-effective texture that replaced the outdated popcorn texture. When this spray has “tacked” the contractor uses a large-paddle to knock-down or flatten the dots. This type of texture offers a significant level of hide for walls or ceilings, and many people feel that it can dress-up a room. One of the drawbacks about his texture is that it is very difficult to patch as well as hard to clean.

The skip trowel is another common texture. This hand-texture is applied using a trowel using back-and-forth motions. You can choose either a light or heavy application. Due to the intensity of labor with this texture, it is usually used for higher-end home ceilings. This texture can achieve a Spanish or Old-World appeal to the home.

How Do I Choose A Drywall Contractor That Is Reliable And I Can Trust To Perform A Good Job?

This question is difficult to answer, but I can offer a few pieces of advice to help you make a more informed decision. The biggest of the red-flags is to stay away from the drywaller that wants the fee upfront before they have done the job. In this industry, it usually means that as soon as the contractor has left our home, you will probably never see them again. Take a look at the contractor’s vehicle to ensure it is kept in a reasonable state. Untidy, broken or messy vehicles usually emulate the level of the contractors’ craftsmanship.

Every homeowner enjoys hearing the “good news,” but the type of contractor who is telling you everything that you would like to hear maybe someone to avoid. For example, textures such as knockdown are very difficult if not impossible to achieve a perfect patch. For 90% of people the texture may appear good enough, yet not “perfect.” The sole way to get it perfect will involve skimming out your entire ceiling, followed by a complete re-spray. This may be the most costly option, but you will know about this option, to begin with before the ceiling is painted and you have already forked out the cash to fix it. I think it is best, to be honest up-front to allow the customer to know about the limitations on what is achievable, to avoid a customer that is unhappy.