Drywall Contractors Oregon City – Sheetrock Repair Experts


A drywall is not such an easy undertaking even for the biggest DIY enthusiasts. As such, a drywall contractor is the only best bet to handling such work. At Indigo Construction, we know that we are the drywall experts to call for all your projects’ needs; your search stops with us.

We can handle its all – big or small; from repairing a hole in your wall to handling a restoration project of a big corporate or organization.

Drywall Oregon CitySome contractors major in small projects and are often new players in this line of work. Conversely, there are certain contractors that handle big projects exclusively. However, we do not mind whether you have a small or huge project; we have a fully trained and highly experienced personnel that can handle any job.

We never discriminate or overlook any project, even the small ones. We understand that the minor repair or renovation projects as still as important as the big ones and should be done effectively and safely. The same team that handles the large projects has the necessary skills to handle the small ones.

In short, you only need to get in touch with us and let us be the people who handle your sheetrock project, no matter its size.

What can We Do?
We have the capacity to do everything and handle any wall, having a high experience when it comes to gypsum wallboard. Indigo Construction is the company to hire if you need something done for your drywall. Here are some of the outstanding services that we offer:

Patching and Repairing
Patching and repairing are a simple repair work project yet should be done by an experienced contractor. We will assure you the best results by deploying our highly trained team to come and handle the patching and repairing working with any texture.

If you are lost on the type of ideal texture for your gypsum wallboard or have one in mind, we can help you achieve that desired look and finish on your wall.

Remodeling and Restoration Projects
Any wall remodeling project should be done to perfection, and this is something that only a reputable construction company can deliver. We have been in the construction business for a good number of years, and homeowners are mostly the clients that offer us wall remodeling and restoration projects.

Smoke and fire damage could befall your wall even if the fire were small. Restoration and remodeling are often the best remedies, and we at Indigo Construction know what need to be done.

Smooth finish
The need for a level 4 or level 5 smooth finishes is a growing trend among many homeowners, and we can help give the same high-quality finish for your wall. Give us the job, we the best wall finishing experts in the industry.