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Apparently, working with drywall can be quite challenging because it requires excellent hand-eye coordination. It is much like driving. You have to know the feel of a car and the road surface to reach where you are going. As a result, it is highly advisable that you hire competent and knowledgeable drywall contractor. A quintessential of such a contractor is Indigo Construction Company. Indigo Construction is a professional company that specializes in repairing, remodeling and restoration of drywall projects.

Drywall Lake OswegoThere are several reasons you should choose Indigo Construction Company to handle your projects. First, they have a team well trained and extensively experienced personnel that will make sure that your project is completed safely, effectively, and most important successfully. Secondly, indigo takes great pride in offering excellent services, regardless if your project is small or big, at competitive charges.

Services Offered By Indigo

Indigo company offers a plethora of services that are related to gypsum wallboard. If your drywall requires any repair, your best bet at fixing it would be hiring Indigo Construction. Some of their remarkable services include;

Repairing and patching

Even though repairing and patching might be viewed as one of the simplest repair tasks, it is imperative that you hire a competent contractor if you want great results. Failure to hire an experienced contractor might lead to a lumpy mess on your wall that declares “shoddy’ to anyone who enters the room. Luckily, by hiring Indigo Construction, you don’t have to worry about shoddy results because they will have your patching and repairing done by professional that can work with any texture.


When it comes to texture, Indigo Construction will help you achieve the precise texture that you want for your gypsum wallboard.

Remodeling and Restoration

Remodeling stacks favorably as one of the best home improvement options. However, to make your walls look perfect, you need to hire the right company. You need a company that has experience and vividly understands the nuts and bolts of remodeling walls. Indigo construction is an ideal example of a company that will offer you excellent wall remodeling services.

Additionally, if your house has been faced with fire damage and smoke left a trail of havoc on your wall, you can trust Indigo construction to offer you restoration services that will return your walls to their pristine state.

Smooth Finish

Many homeowners are choosing level 4 and 5 smooth finish. If you want to jump on this bandwagon, Indigo Construction can help you because they have the best finishers in the industry.