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Even for experienced DIY-ers, working with drywall is not a DIY task. This is why it is always recommended that you contact a skilled Hillsboro drywall contractor. If you are in such a situation and wondering where to find a drywall expert, then you have arrived at the right place.

Drywall HillsboroAt Indigo, that is exactly our specialty. We help you to complete your project successfully. We offer services ranging from repairing holes in your wall to Complete Restoration Projects in Large Commercial Properties.

There are two types of contractors; those specializing in smaller projects and those specializing in larger projects. Most of the contractors dealing with smaller projects are those who are new in the industry.

Some contractors only specialize in larger projects. That is where our main strength comes in. We deal with both small and larger projects. So do not hesitate to contact us in case you are undertaking any project no matter the size.

For us, no project is too small. This is because we understand that all minor repairs have to be taken care of. This will ensure that repairs are done safely and effectively.

On the other hand, no project is also too large for us. This is because we have the personnel, the skills, and the experience to tackle the challenges associated with large projects. In short, we can help you without being shocked on how big or small your project is.

What can we do?
We specialize in any services related to gypsum wall board. Anything you want to be done on your drywall? That is where Indigo Construction can finish the job for you. To inform you more about the services we offer, here are the main services we offer:

Patching and Repairing
This can seem like the simplest task in repairing. However, you need an expert to do this as they know how to do it effectively and do it up to standard. This is why we will send you a trained contractor to help you in patching and repairing. They can work with any texture.

You may need a particular texture to decorate your gypsum wallboard. Texture services _ is one of our main services. We help you achieve the texture you prefer for your gypsum wall board.

Remodeling and Restoration Work
Many of our projects have been with homeowners who are modeling their homes. This has made us more experienced in remodeling. This is what makes us confident to help you remodel your project.

Maybe your house was a victim of a fire. It may have been a small or big fire. No matter how small it was, there may be smoke and fire damage. We at Indigo will help you restore your sheetrock if this has happened to you.

Smooth Finish
We offer the best finishing services in the market. Nowadays, many homeowners prefer a level 4 or 5 smooth finish. Do not fear to be one of them. Contact us and give us the chance to help you.

Get an estimate today
The time to start is not tomorrow. Contact us now so that we can give you an estimate of your drywall project. Whenever you think of any project, think of Indigo construction.