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DIY projects can be a good way to challenge your skills, but drywall is not one of the projects that should be undertaken with a DIY approach. Thus, the best option is hiring a professional drywall contractor. If you seek expert handling of your drywall, then look no further from Indigo Construction.

Indigo Construction is a leading force in the field of construction, having the knowledge, skills, and tools need to handle various drywall projects. We can do small projects such as repairing holes in the wall and large restoration projects for big commercial properties.

Drywall GladstoneSome contractors in this line of work handle small projects because they are often novice constructors. Conversely, there are contractors, just like us, who focus on large projects because they have the capacity and manpower to handle such. We have a fully trained personnel that can handle any drywall project irrespective of its size.

We believe there is no project that is too big or small for us. We work with the knowledge that our client expect us to give the same level of professionalism that we give to any major project; we give it to minor repair work. Our team of contractors have the skills and experience to handle any project.

Therefore, we are the right choice, the best contractors to give the task of handling your sheetrock project, big or small as it may be. All you need to do is get in touch with us.

What We Offer
Our main area of specialization is gypsum wallboard. If you are looking for the experts when it comes to drywall issues, then Indigo Construction is the agency to call. Here are some of our popular services that can help paint a picture of what we do.

Patching and Repairing
Patching and repairing are considered as a simple undertaking, but one that require the expertise of a professional contractor. Call us and we will dispatch our team that is well-trained in doing patching and repairing on any texture.

At Indigo Contractors, we are the leading experts in gypsum wall restorations able to deal with different wall textures

Remodeling and Restoration Project
Perfection should be the ultimate goals when doing any remodeling, and this needs the touch of professionals. Most of such projects that we do are jobs we get from homeowners who always are happy with the results.

Any home that was a victim of fire will have to consider a wall restoration project to address the fire and smoke damage on the walls. We at Indigo Construction are the trusted experts to handle such a restoration project.

Smooth finish
The number of homeowners that want a level 4 or level 5 smooth finish has grown over the years. It is a trend that we have noted and ensure that we have the best wall finishers in the business.

Get an Estimate Today
Get in touch with us today and let’s get things rolling; we will give you an estimate for the drywall project.