Have you ever felt the need to keep an eye on certain things, processes or individuals? Does this desire usually increase when there is a lot at stake? Or is it just the feeling that things won’t be run as effectively as you would wish them to in your absence?

You are not alone in this feeling; many people feel this way too. Whether it be as regards knowing the situation in their house, office or a project site, there is always this desire to be on top of the situation despite your location. Luckily, in these times, this can be done with video surveillance systems.

What Are Video Surveillance systems?

This involves the use of various types of video cameras to surveil a particular environment of interest. These video surveillance systems are generally called CCTV cameras or security cameras though they can serve for much more purposes than security. You can read more about it here.

It is quite a popular thing to do in our society today as it enables easier monitoring of activities going on in a particular location. What makes the place under surveillance to be of interest vary from individual to individual and from organization to organization. Some of those reasons or purposes include:

  • To monitor your home
  • For research purposes (those who study human and animal behavior etc.)
  • Documentation purposes
  • For worker surveillance
  • For security reasons

Many people think that video surveillance is primarily and even only for security reasons. This is why many have not considered getting it for use in their work or construction sites. But it is much more than that. The following are practical benefits of having these systems installed in your organization.

It Prevents Shrinkage

Shrinkage here refers to the disappearance of valuable office or construction materials. These can occur because of theft or even on certain occasions misplacement by an employee or anyone else. Thus, with this surveillance, you can locate or pinpoint the root cause of the shrinkage and effectively deal with it.

Ensure Your Staff Are Busy

There usually are set targets in construction and other official matters and even deadlines that have to be met. You might be hyped up about the project being embarked upon but, the same might not be the case for your employees or hired workers and thus, they will not give the job the due attention that it requires. But with cameras around, you can monitor their activities and ensure that they are busy even in your absence. You can find out how to do this legally at https://www.businesswatchgroup.co.uk/gdpr-and-cctv-a-guide-to-the-laws-of-cctv-in-the-workplace/

Resolving Disputes

In every environment where people have to work together, (especially at a hectic and physically draining environment like a construction site) disputes can be inevitable. These disputes however, if not handled well can slow down the pace of the work being done. Therefore, it is in the best interest of everyone that these disputes be resolved and a camera that has captured what transpired can save everyone the stress of arguing about who said what.

Improved Safety

Construction sites are one area that are very accident prone. This is because of continuous movement of both humans and equipment, objects are continuously being hauled about, fixed up, replaced or removed. One slight mistake and an accident can occur. The advantage to having a surveillance system in place is that it a more holistic view of the immediate environment enabling you fix or improve your safety protocols.

To Shield Yourself From Liability

You can be liable as an owner of a construction site if it is found that your safety protocols are weak or lax. In the event that there is an accident and a suit is brought against you for negligence, you can present documented proof through your camera that you took all necessary measures to ensure safety in the workplace.

The Wireless Construction Camera

As with any invention, there always is the need to continuously fine tune it so as to further improve the invention. This fine tuning process usually will bring about an improved version of the same invention.

Now, wireless construction cameras simply put, are an improvement on the various existing surveillance cameras around. Here are some of its features:

  • It has inbuilt unlimited data connectivity eliminating the need for power or Wi-Fi at the job site
  • It has a 24/7 non-stop recording ability with a video quality of HD 1080p and still gives you motion alerts through your text or E-mail
  • It has a built in IR therefore ensuring high quality image capturing during the night or day


The need for surveillance videos these days cannot be overstated. Every serious minded organization has it installed for use and it continues to be of great use to those who get it. If anything, its abilities should even be improved for greater quality of service. This is why, wireless construction cameras are the thing now, it is the latest version of surveillance videos with the most amazing features.