Are you planning to rent a towable boom lift? This piece of equipment has become popular in recent years due to its wide variety of applications. It’s used in the field of modern construction and skyscraper projects, which involve roofing, electrical projects, tree trimming, etc.

Boom lifts can nowadays be rented for different projects. Individuals, however, should consider multiple factors when selecting a model, such as a type, size, power source, and accessories. There is a myriad of rental stores offering towable boom lift rental for homeowners and contractors.

Have a look at the main factors to consider when renting such a unit.


The inceptive factor to take into consideration when renting such a piece of equipment is the boom design. There are two types of prominent designs to choose from, telescopic (straight) and articulating, which differ in terms of features, flexibility, and configuration.

The former is suitable for facilitating work tasks where height is of the utmost importance. This type is also appropriate for tasks that require no maneuvering around obstacles for the purpose of accessing the desired area. Certain telescopic models are capable of reaching heights of 185 feet, which makes them adequate for projects involving bridges, skyscrapers, hangars, or stadiums.

In contrast, the latter is appropriate for projects where maneuverability is far more important than height. These models allow workers to reach the worksite without worrying about any obstacles, which would normally cause obstructions. The bendable joints of articulating boom lifts provide the required maneuverability.

Nevertheless, articulating models cannot reach as high as their telescopic variants. They can reach up to 135 feet, which is significantly lower the height capacity of telescopic models. Also, the footprint of articulating models is believed to be much larger. Find out more about the calculation and reduction of carbon footprint.


Another important aspect to keep in mind when renting a towable boom lift is the size of this equipment. Prior to selecting the right size, you should consider the height you need to reach as well as the desired horizontal reach. This reach refers to the extension of the platform from the base. Articulating models feature both a working height and up and over height, the latter indicating the maximum reach when the equipment is articulated.

Moreover, when renting a boom lift, individuals should also check the stowed (lowest) height, which is important for storage. The width and weight of the model are included in the specifications as well. Width dimensions shouldn’t be larger than three to four feet in order for the piece of equipment to fit in narrow work areas. Additionally, the ground beating pressure should be checked to determine whether the lift can be operated safely in a particular area.

Electric vs. diesel

The power source is of tremendous importance when renting a towable boom lift. There are electric and diesel-powered models. Electric boom lifts rely on an electric source or a battery to have power to operate, whereas the rest of the units use diesel, propane, and gasoline.

In addition, electric units are better suited for indoor work areas owing to the absence of fume emission. Their tires are non-marking, which makes them appropriate for all kinds of floor surfaces. The working height of electric models is usually between thirty and fifty feet. These can be used outdoors; however, it rarely happens because of practical reasons.

Boom lifts relying on internal combustion to operate are adequate for outdoor use. They are perfect for rugged terrains and travel much quicker than electric boom lifts. When covering long distances, workers won’t have to worry about charging batteries. On the negative side, diesel-powered boom lifts are less environmentally friendly because of the fume emission. The following URL,,the%20working%20fluid%20flow%20circuit.&text=This%20force%20moves%20the%20component,chemical%20energy%20into%20useful%20work., explains the history, applications, ignition, and classification of internal combustion engine.


After determining the power source, the following step would be exploring the accessories, which are an indispensable aspect of the operation of boom lifts. The worksite location and requirements play an important part in making the right selection. For instance, workers who plan to use such equipment indoors should look for rubber-footed tracks or non-marking tires so as to protect the floor.

When rented for plumbing projects, towable boom lifts should be armed with pipe racks in order for piping to be kept off the platform. Conversely, a jib boom extension is an indispensable accessory when working in cramped workplaces. This feature allows the platform to move side to side, as well as up and down. By moving the platform both vertically and horizontally, workers are provided with excellent precision and mobility.

Moreover, workers who plan to use this equipment at night should look for a platform mounted with work lights. It facilitates the job during the night or when working in areas with poor light.

Self-propelled vs. towable

Another thing to consider when renting such equipment is choosing between a self-propelled and a towable model. Even though the majority of units are self-propelled, towable models are increasing in popularity because of their convenience. They are lightweight, easy to control, convenient to store, and versatile. Workers looking for portability would undoubtedly benefit from renting such a unit.

To sum up

Make sure the boom lift meets your project requirements.

Renting the right unit would facilitate your job and help you finish the project more quickly than you have expected!