We have fantastic drywall repair crew members, who do a great job at making drywall repairs look like the original surface. But, like all repairs, it is almost impossible to make them look like they never happened. That is where skim coating comes into play.

What Is It?

A skim coat is a thin layer of drywall joint compound applied over the existing surface or new surface. It is applied to the entire continuous surface. For example, if you have a ceiling that connects multiple rooms, then the skim coat would be applied to the ceiling until there is a natural break, like a doorway header or beam.

Why Do It?

When drywall or plaster is repaired, we have to blend the new surface with the existing surface. If a texture needs to be applied, the new texture will overlap the existing texture. Where this overlap occurs, the texture is going to look different than the texture on either side of the blend area. Skim coating eliminates this issue, as it will get rid of all of the existing texture. When the new texture is applied, there is no blending.

What About Machine Brocade or Hand Brocade?

With machine brocade or hand brocade, it is important to skim coat the entire connected surface. We have the best patch repair persons in the industry, but heavy textures like machine or hand brocade are very hard to blend. With thick textures, blending is an issue. We recommend the skim coat process for these finishes.

What About Orange Peel Texture or Smooth Finish?

With lighter finishes, like orange peel and smooth finish, they blend better than the heavy finishes. If the area that is getting repaired has a lot of light that shines across the area, we recommend the skim coat process. Extreme light (natural or otherwise) tends to accentuate where the repair was blended.

What Does It Cost?

Depending on the project, it can add anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. The size of the surface, the amount of masking, type of finish, and the existing surface are all factors that affect the price of the skim coat. Contact us today for a free estimate!