Many business owners own large office buildings and facilities that have parking lots and paved driveways. Over time, these asphalt surface might lose its dark grey color and even crack due to weather exposure. Leaving these surfaces unattended can create an unappealing sight for visitors.

Paving and resurfacing repair service companies have all the necessary tools and equipment to jump into action and have your exterior looking brand new. Click here to learn more about the different tools and equipment used in paving repairs.

Not sure when you should call in the experts? Here are a few signs you should look out for as indications that it’s time to phone the professionals:

Cracks in the Surface

Parking lots that are exposed to a lot of traffic on a constant basis are more prone to cracking. The combination of heavy traffic and exposure to extreme weather conditions will create cracks in the surface. Once cracks have formed in the asphalt, moisture will get trapped in the little crevasses and they will only grow longer.

If left unattended, cracks can create uneven surfaces resulting in unwanted tripping hazards. Pedestrians walking on the surface can trip and fall resulting in unforeseen accidents on your property. Furthermore, asphalt rocks and pieces can separate from the surface and create a rocky surface that can be dangerous to drivers and pedestrians.


If you have gorgeous big trees planted through the paving on your property, its roots can also cause problems. Especially if the tree’s roots are strong and big, it can grow effortlessly through the black paving. As a result, paving will lift, crack, and create an uneven surface. 

Consulting a specialized service is your best bet in saving the tree by either containing it or moving it. Once the tree has been dealt with the area can be repaired and repaved.

To see how a street is repaved and repaired after resurfacing, watch this:


Potholes have been the cause of many fatal accidents on freeways, parking lots, and even residential roads. It’s vital to get them fixed as soon as possible. When the soil starts shifting and moving underneath the asphalt surface, potholes can develop.

They are extremely dangerous in that they can damage a car’s rim, tire, alignment, and suspension when drove through with a speed. These sneaky little holes are almost unnoticeable to someone who is driving by quickly or walking without paying attention. Especially if they are filled with rainwater, potholes can be quite deceiving.

Business owners of parking lots and paved areas should ensure that potholes are filled and fixed as soon as they surface. Neglecting to do so, will result in even bigger potholes and a lot of damage.


Especially for parking lots that see a lot of heavy traffic, warping can easily occur. The continuous turn of wheels on the asphalt creates pressure which in return causes warping. In a situation like this, it’s important that business owners invest in parking lot resurfacing to avoid further damage.

When asphalt roads warp it can create little indents and uneven spots in which water puddles will form. If these puddles aren’t drained properly, it can create disastrous outcomes in the future.

Unclear Road Markings

A huge part of road safety is having clear markings on the road. This serves as indicators of where visitors should drive, park, and stop for oncoming traffic. Especially for businesses, it’s important to have clear markings of where handicapped parking spaces are, delivery zones, and no parking spaces. When painted lines are exposed to heat and rainy weather it can fade within time.

This can be quite frustrating to visitors who are looking for a specific area to park. It can also cause confusion when visitors must overtake or keep within their lanes. 

Ensure that your parking lot is well taken care of by regular maintenance and checkups. Leaving the cracks to get bigger and neglecting to attend to other paving problems will only result in more expensive and repairs. When you notice any of the above-mentioned signs, you should phone your local paving and resurfacing Repair Company. A smooth asphalt driveway and parking lot will give a great first impression and might even attract potential new customers.