water damage drywall indigo constructionOne of the most frustrating situations that can happen in your house is water damage to your drywall.  Water damage can become a real pain if one does not deal with it quickly.  The good thing is that if the damage isn’t too extensive, it can be repaired fairly easily.

Here are some tips for dealing with water damage in your drywall:

If water damage has occurred and the surface has not been broken or bubbled, it could only be discolored.  This won’t be hard to fix.  Wait for the wall to dry out over a few days.  The stain should fade during that time.  When it fades, you can simply paint over it.

Painting Over the Stain

When it comes to painting the drywall, there are different types of paints and primers that are used to seal the drywall.  The three most common types of paints and primers are water, oil, and alcohol.  It is a matter of personal preference; if you are not sure what type or paint you prefer, you can use a small portion of each on a part of the wall that is unnoticeable.  There is one advantage of using oil or alcohol base sealers:  they dry quicker than water. For more information, check out Global Reblocking & Underpinning.

Water Damage on Ceilings

If the water damage is in the ceiling, repairing it can be tricky.  Ceilings tend to be prone to taking on water from leaking faucets, toilets and showers. Dealing with the water damage in this area can be more problematic because the water rests on top of the drywall, which is what causes it to blister.  If this happens, it can be very hard to repair.

If you have water buildup, the best way to get the water out of the wall is to get a sharp pointy object and stick it into the drywall.  When the object is put into the wall, twist it in a circular motion.  When you do this, the water should come out.

It is important to do this as soon as possible because the longer the water stays in the drywall, the more the damage will spread.  This will drive up the price of getting it repaired. Make sure to get the leak repaired from a company like line locators.

When drywall sustains water damage, it can make the wall or ceiling look unkempt.  It is best to deal with the issue as quickly as possible.  When water damage is on a superficial level, it is easier to fix, but if water damage becomes more widespread, it is best to call a professional who has the tools and knowledge necessary to repair the damage.