Considering renewing your home’s interior or exterior look? Then you don’t only have to be looking at furniture, décor, and a new paint job. Choosing a different style door as your home and room entrances will add to your house’s overall aesthetic.

Owners of commercial establishments should also consider a well-designed door as it will be the first thing that clients see when they enter your company. Not only will it add to your company’s image, but it will also provide a much-needed barrier between your product and criminals wanting to break in.

With the number of styles available on the market, it’s important that you consider your own personal style without neglecting to consider the safety and insulation that the door should naturally provide.

Not sure about which design is best suited for your residential or commercial property? We conducted an expert list of all the types available. See below our favorite options:

1. Hinged

Typically manufactured from a hollow-cored panel or a solid wooden panel, these models are typically used in all kinds of homes. Because of the simplistic and easy design, they can be installed in commercial properties as entrances to rooms, entry ways, and wardrobes.

The panel usually features a simplistic design that features a few rectangular squares or just a plain smooth surface. It is affixed to the wall with two or three hinges.

If you are on a serious budget and need to replace your door immediately, then this is the most affordable option. If you’re not sure when it’s time to replace any of your existing fixtures, then follow this guide:

2. Pocket

Excellent space savers are the pocket styled doors. With a special cavity created in the wall, this door can disappear and slide into it. They require a special track mounted on both the ceiling and the floor on which the unit can slide on.

This is a perfect option for homeowners who would like to create a divide between two separate rooms or create one big room when needed. Perfect for en suite bathroom and bedroom combinations too.

3. Dutch

The Dutch style is a door that is also known as a half door. It features one big slab of wood that is horizontally split in half. The split allows the top half to be swung open, while the bottom half remains shut. This is a great option for back doors or doors leading to the kitchen, as they allow fresh air, they still keep little critters out.

It’s also a great choice for an office space. You can keep your eyes and ears on children and pets with the luxury of keeping them at bay while you are working.

4. Bi-fold

A great solution for homeowners who want a lot of natural lighting flowing through their homes. Or a connection between the inside living room and the outside garden or nature. The bi-fold door acts as a kind of glass concertina sliding door that stacks neatly to one side, creating a wide walkway between rooms. They are popularly installed to give access to patios or outside swimming areas.

This design does require professional installation. If you are looking for quality and experience you should consider an expert installation company like Commercial Door Worx.

5. Pivoted

This model uses hinges stacked at the top and bottom of the unit instead of on the wall like with hinged models. The hinge system is pretty complicated and also needs professional installation. Because of this complicated hinge system, instead of the door opening and closing like a normal hinged model, it rotates while exposing two open slots on either side. They usually feature a long and sturdy handle for opening and closing, as well as a complex locking system for added home security.

The pivot model is perfect for front or back doors as they are heavy, sturdy, and extremely durable.

6. PVC

Doors made from polyvinyl chloride or PVC are very popular to use as affordable dividers between rooms and bathrooms. They are extremely lightweight and easy to install.

Even though the material isn’t as luxurious or durable as other hardwoods and metals, the PVC door can be painted into fun and funky designs that can add style to certain rooms. PVC models also don’t need a lot of maintenance, since they aren’t as absorbent as other woods and are easy to clean.

7. Steel Metal

Especially if you have a commercial property, you might want to consider a steel metal door for the entrance or any exterior-facing openings. Perfect for schools, shops, and establishments that handle products or cash, the steel metal door will provide extra security.

Luckily, this design doesn’t have to look like a prison door. Many steel metal models feature gorgeous designs using different rods and shaped steel pipes.

8. Glass

Glass is an excellent material that is used in buildings for windows and doors. They are a great material because they are easy to clean while allowing natural lighting into the area. Since glass is see-through, it’s an excellent choice for homes close to gorgeous views next to mountain ranges or oceans.

Not all glass designs are completely see-through though. Depending on your personal needs, you can request a glass design that is a bit stained to provide privacy while still allowing natural lighting into the room.

It’s important to remember that glass is expensive to replace and costs more than wooden or PVC-type doors. Although they are easy to clean, you are going to have to invest in cleaning them on a regular basis. Read this article to learn more about the different materials used for doors.

When it comes to picking a door for your residential or commercial property, there are loads of options available. Depending on your personal needs and the layout of your space you can choose whichever one you desire. If you need expert advice, you can consult with a professional door installation company for further assistance.