Nowadays, your office needs to be cleaned and tidied regularly. The fresh air that they breathe will contribute to the employee’s health and wellness in general. For some, they are unsure about what it means to do a deep cleaning aside from tidying up some papers and throwing out the trash. Read more about cleaning a company office on this page here.

Fortunately, many cleaning companies exist to come to their rescue. Many business owners will have a clean environment that was disinfected with the right solutions from the best janitorial company in the area. Some of the tips and tricks that many of these entrepreneurs can use to ensure the cleanliness of their workplaces are discussed below.

Why Bother to Keep your Office Clean?

Keeping a clean and tidy office is a critical component in getting more customers and supporting everyone working inside the establishment healthy. They can prevent illnesses that are usually coming from airborne pollutants because the cleaners can immediately do thorough disinfection after everyone has left for home.

Other employees prone to allergic reactions won’t experience hives while working because they are essentially operating and breathing clean air. There’s no build-up of dust or mold that can trigger their allergies, and they will have improved productivity overall.

Attracting clients and investors is also one reason why an office establishment needs to be cleaned every time. Suppose the lobby is not well-maintained and the couches are dirty. In that case, this will be reflected back to a company’s reputation, and you may read negative reviews afterwards, especially if you’re in the hotel industry.

Other Tips for Cleaning your Office Space

1. Choosing a Serviced Office

Some areas have flexible contracts, instant occupancies, and provide all-inclusive rents. A serviced office means that other companies manage the bills and utilities, so you can only focus on running your business. There’s no need to hoover, dust, and clean the loo because all of these are done by a cleaning company.

However, it’s essential to know that the cleaners will not touch a desk strewn in paperwork. This is because they don’t want to be held liable in case critical work goes missing. With a bit of help from the staff in decluttering the desk, the cleaners will do more of what they know best.

2. Ruthless Decluttering is Key to Success

You may be gearing for an office move in the next few months. If so, then it’s better if you can do several preparations for the move by tidying everything inside the commercial office space. This can also save you more money.

Ahead of the relocation, you may want to know the area you need for the next space. Part of the price calculation is often connected to the storage that you require. The more stuff you need to store, the larger and more expensive space will be the best option for you. A ruthless declutter will help you get rid of the stuff that you don’t need. This way, when you’re ready to relocate, you won’t have to bring piles of paper and folders with you.

Ruthless decluttering may involve the six-month rule. Aside from your financial records, you need to reconsider everything you have been storing, but you haven’t touched in six months. It’s best if you can make the files digital to save more space.

3. Give Everything Its Own Place

From the public relations materials to the IT computers, you need to map out carefully where you’ll put these things. It’s best if this will be their permanent position and you don’t move the copier and printers a lot. This will support the notion of tidiness in the office, and each employee will know where to find what they need.

4. Operation of a Clean Desk Policy

If everyone works from a hot desk, it can be challenging for every member to personalize their workspaces because the cubicle that they will be working from each day will be different. However, it’s still best to have a clear desk policy that everyone knows and understands.

You may not have to be strict with family pictures, but outdated calendars and stuffed toys may be over the top. It’s always the case of removing unnecessary stuff to have a better workplace. Make a guide on how each staff should make changes in the things they display in their cubicles to ensure that everything is clean and clear.

5. Friday Fifteen May Help

If decluttering is done every week, it may keep everything tidy and clean instead of having a set schedule for cleaning every month. Some challenges are getting popular in many workplaces today, like Friday 15, where everyone will declutter their desks within the time. There are prizes and incentives for the best ones that can maintain the neatness of their cubicles.

6. Schedule a Deep Clean

With this said, it’s not enough to tidy the desks alone. It’s still essential for companies to schedule a deep commercial cleaning to ensure that everyone is safe from microbes and prevent mold build-up in many hidden spaces inside the facility. The cleaners will disinfect every surface, and dirt, dust, and mites can be removed from the couches. Contact the providers and check the extent of their cleaning.

7. Anti-Bacterial Wipe Supplies are a Must

Many offices are havens of microbes and germs, so while the commercial cleaners are focused on the major stuff, the employees should also do their part. Anti-bacterial wipes are effective for high-touch surfaces like keyboards, mice, phones, and more. The wipes will keep the surfaces disinfected, and they can reduce the instances of getting stomach upsets and colds on the employees’ part each year.

8. Choose An Office Space that Works for you

Some office rentals have dark corners, invite clutter, and may not be much used in any other areas. You need to have space to arrange the stuff, tools, and equipment you have while providing ample space for the people to move around. It should receive plenty of sunlight to prevent mold growth.