The outbreak of the Coronavirus has emphasized the significance of workplace cleanliness. With some businesses reopening after the periods of lockdown, it’s expected from employers to keep their personnel safe while at work.

Hiring janitorial services is the most effective method for employers to abide by the rigorous safety protocols imposed on businesses. Janitors are equipped with the necessary experience and training when it comes to practicing the right cleaning techniques and using the recommended products.

Have a look at the benefits of hiring janitorial services for COVID-19 disinfection.

Adherence to safety protocols

Hiring janitorial services is considered highly beneficial due to their adherence to the disinfection programs of different employers, designed to stop the transmission of COVID-19. These programs inform professional cleaners about the use of specific disinfecting materials and cleaning techniques; the areas that need to undergo disinfection; and the frequency of sanitization.

COVID-19 is known for spreading mainly via air droplets in the event of someone coughing or sneezing. Nevertheless, a person is also likely to get infected with the virus by touching a contaminated surface, followed by touching his/her mouth, nose, or eyes. Unlike the air, where Coronavirus particles are believed to linger for a maximum of three hours, surfaces allow COVID-19 to live for up to 72 hours. Click here to check out the different types of Coronavirus transmission.

For instance, Coronavirus particles can live on copper surfaces for up to four hours, whereas these survive on cardboard for as long as twenty-four hours. In contrast, both plastic and stainless steel surfaces let COVID-19 particles thrive between two and three days. Consequently, the role of janitors is to disinfect commonly used surfaces and items a couple of times daily.

Moreover, these cleaners make sure door handles, light switches, computer mice, keyboards, faucets, elevator buttons, countertops, coffee pots, vending machines, conference room tables, and other surfaces are disinfected regularly. Additionally, safety protocols often include providing workers with sanitizing wipes in the areas where employees gather the most, such as kitchens, cafeterias, conference rooms, etc. Also, rugs and carpets are supposed to be temporarily removed to minimize the risk of virus spread.

Use of appropriate cleaning solutions

Another important benefit of hiring janitorial services is the understanding janitors have of the best cleaning agents used to kill Coronavirus particles. Using the right disinfectants is absolutely essential in the elimination of pathogens. The experience of janitors helps them select the best sanitizing products, which aren’t only effective but also harmless to the health of employees.

Furthermore, janitors abide by the list of recommended disinfectants provided by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). When looking for janitorial services, make sure you hire experts at Coronavirus protection. These professionals use disinfectants registered with the EPA by following the instructions written on the label. They wear gloves and other protective equipment in the course of cleaning to increase safety.

In addition, janitors are trained for the use of chemicals and personal protective gear. These workers are at high risk of getting infected by COVID-19, as well as being exposed to the potentially toxic effects of chemicals. Make sure the janitors you hire use disposable gloves, coveralls, surgical masks, goggles, or face shields while cleaning facilities.

Customized services

Another reason for businesses to invest in janitorial services for COVID-19 disinfection is the opportunity to be provided with a customized plan. The cleaning services provided by these professionals are arranged in accordance with the requirements of clients. Given businesses are required to adhere to different safety protocols, it’s logical for janitors to offer a personalized approach.

For instance, these professionals devise different cleaning approaches for offices, municipal buildings, industrial buildings, airports, schools, banks, health clubs, retailers, hotels, restaurants, colleges, warehouses, residential buildings, etc. Regardless of your type of business, janitors will make sure your workspace is disinfected in compliance with the strict cleaning protocols. Visit the site of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention),, to get familiar with the cleaning and disinfecting recommendations for employers.

Final word

The best way for employers to conform to safety protocols is by hiring professional cleaners.

Janitors are experts at keeping businesses disinfected and employees safe!