1 Year Warranty Request Form

Please Fill Out The Fields Below To Request A 1 Year Warranty

  • Indigo Construction provides a 1 year warranty based on the following:
    1 - The warranty date ends 1 year after application of texture, primer, taping, or installation of drywall (whichever happens last).
    2 - The warranty only covers caulking of cracks and repairing nail pops.
    3 - The homeowner or builder will mark all of the areas with blue tape 24 hours in advance of our arrival.
    4 - The warranty does not cover taping of seams or any repair requiring taping, floating, or skim coating. Any movement beyond the tolerances of the drywall materials is not covered in the warranty. Hollow corner metals are not covered as it is due to shrinkage of wood framing members.
    5 - Any repair due to framing shrinkage or movement is not included (other than caulking and nail pops).
    6 - Owner / Builder understands that Indigo Construction LLC will only come out one time (in the 1 year period) for the warranty repairs.
    7 - Owner / Builder will move any and all items or furniture (beds, couches, chairs, dressers, etc) that are within four (4) feet of a area requiring a repair.